Who can resist a promotional sweet treat?

Posted February 2012 in Printed Confectionery

Promotional SweetsIt’s no secret that many people have quite a sweet tooth, which is why promotional sweets are always well received by customers. This is a really affordable, simple and effective way to increase the visibility of your brand name. Sweets are something which are almost always shared with others, making them an excellent way to advertise your business.

Mints are a great choice of promotional sweet. Whilst almost everyone appreciates a box of chocolates, people are more likely to keep mints on their desk and in their bag when they’re out and about, as mints not only taste lovely, but also freshen the breath. We stock a variety of this kind of sweet, from mini mints which are ideal for those on the go, to the classic silver mint tin with lots of printable space.

Chocolate is one food item which is guaranteed to be a hit with any customer and with the spacious wrapping on our chocolate bars, they’re the perfect thing with which to advertise your company name. With a huge range choice available, such as praline, plain peppermint or Neapolitan to name just a few, there is something for every company’s tastes and budget. Do bear in mind that for outdoor promotional events, particularly during the summer, it may be best to keep branded chocolates in cooler bag so that you don’t end up with a melted box of chocolates.

Lollypops are another favourite for promotional events and will undoubtedly bring back lots of fond childhood memories for your customers. The wrappers on lollypops are the perfect spot for a colourful logo design and company name, and will be seen by every person who unwraps the sweet treat.

Novelty sweets are a great way to get your company name noticed, without spending too much money. Pots of multicoloured sweets such as Love Hearts and Jelly Beans are fun and eye-catching; ideal for putting your business logo and name in the spotlight.

As with every type of promotional product, there is a wide selection of sweets, with some budget friendly options as well as some more luxurious choices. The beauty of using sweets is that this type of promotional gift can be handed out to thousands of customers, without putting too much of a strain on your company’s bank balance.

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