Promotional Umbrellas bring sunshine on a rainy day

Posted January 2012 in Promotional Umbrellas

Particularly in the UK, umbrellas are very practical products which are used frequently throughout the year. With our rather unpredictable and wet climate, this is one item which almost no one would be without, whether it’s the middle of winter or the beginning of summer. Whilst the most common use of umbrellas is during a downpour, many people, especially those who enjoy a game of golf, like to use umbrellas to shield themselves from the heat of the sun. Traditional umbrellas are also often used as walking sticks when out for a stroll. For all of the above reasons, umbrellas make for an excellent promotional gift. Remember, too that a good quality umbrella is likely to be used for several years and so the company name printed on it will therefore be seen for many years. Long term visibility is an essential factor in successful marketing campaigns.

Here at Gift Selection, we have a great choice of printed umbrellas available, in almost every kind of colour size and style you can imagine. Our larger golf umbrellas are particularly popular with businesses as their generous printable area and large size means that they always look striking enough to gain attention. As a marketing tool, a large and colourful umbrella is highly effective. It is also a portable item, which will inevitably be used very frequently in various locations.

Aside from sports umbrellas, we offer plenty of other promotional umbrellas. For corporate businesses that want offer the very best and have the means to do so, then a storm umbrella is an excellent purchase for use as a promotional item. As the name suggests, this item is designed specifically for those windy, rainy days which occur all too often here in the UK. It won’t turn inside out at the first sign of a strong breeze and is ideal for those who want to promote their business with a sturdy, high end marketing gift.

Practical umbrellas which can be carried around easily on a daily basis will always be popular with customers, which is why lightweight or collapsible umbrellas are a smart purchase for those who want to appeal to the masses. An umbrella which is small enough to fit into a briefcase or handbag also stands less chance of being lost.

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