Promotional Pens; a simple and effective choice for your company

Posted January 2012 in Printed Pens, Plastic Pens

Finding the right promotional product for your business can seem daunting, at least initially. Whilst every business owner knows that a wide customer base is the very foundation of a successful company, it can be a bit tricky to know which promotional gifts will really have an impact on how potential customers see your brand. The great thing about promotional gifts is that they are effective when given both to customers and employees; this is particularly true in the case of promotional pens, as regardless of who is given them as a gift, they have a tendency to be passed along from one hand to another, which can only help to increase a company’s exposure.

Unlike larger, more expensive items such as clothing or bags, pens tend to be shared by those who own them. Colleagues, friends and family pass a pen to one another whenever it is needed and often forget to take it back. What does this mean for your business, you might wonder? Well, unlike say, a bag, a pen could very well end up with several owners over a period of time; this means that it is a very inexpensive method of creating an extensive customer base.

They are also carried around throughout the day; almost every professional keeps a pen in their handbag or briefcase when on the move. This means that the company name and logo could easily be seen by 30 or 40 people in one day, depending on how busy the person carrying it is! Promotional pens are an understated item with which to market a business and do not need to be unusually designed to get noticed, as so many people use them on a daily basis. That being said, there is certainly no harm in choosing novelty pens which stand out, if you have a company which is branded as especially fun, edgy or creative.

The type of pen chosen as a gift depends largely on one’s company branding and of course, your budget. There are plenty of great, plastic coloured pens which work very well as a promotional gift; equally though, here at Gift Selection we also stock quite a few luxury pens which are ideal for any company targeting the high end range of the market. For ‘green’ companies, we have a fantastic selection of eco-friendly pens made from recycled, and biodegradable materials.

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