Promotion That Really Took Off

Posted December 2009 in Current affairs

Virgin Atlactic

When it comes to sales promotion, the sky isn’t the limit for Richard Branson. Spaceship brand Virgin Galactic has unveiled the new design for its branded SpaceShipTwo.


The design, by agency Start Creative, was unveiled at a press conference in the Mojave Desert. The designers had the unusual brief of producing a design that could cope with the extreme heat the spaceship endures during the take off and re-entry into the earth's atmosphere.


SpaceShipTwo is a six-passenger, two-pilot craft which Branson is hoping will corner the embryonic public-travel-to-outer-space market. The spaceship can be thought of as an air launched glider with a rocket motor and a couple of extra systems for spaceflight. Just like any conventional flying machine, it requires aerodynamic forces to provide its stability and control which, clearly, it only has whilst in the atmosphere.


I hope they know what they're doing…

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