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Are pens truly mightier than the sword?

Promotional pens have long been the bread and butter of the corporate gift industry. They are one of the most popular gifts because they are always useful, and can offer great value. Your business can use pens for mail shots to improve response and recall, or for giving out at exhibitions or to give when visiting customers. With a promotional pen, your company’s name and number is always at hand. There's a promotional pen with a style to suit your taste, and a price to fit your budget.

Function is Key
One of the most important attributes any item of promotional item, is that it must be used. There is no point in spending a fortune on expensive items, (no matter how well they represent your brand) if they aren’t going to be used!

It's because promotional pens serve such a useful function, that they continue to be one of the most popular items of promotional merchandise. Even in the digital age that we live in, it's evident that pens are here to stay.

Corporate Branding
Practically speaking, the barrel of a pen is the ideal position on which to print a logo, a company name, or a web address. If you want your company name to be prominent even when the pen is not in use, the clip is the perfect place to place for your brand to be in full view when worn in a shirt pocket.

Pens come in such a huge variety of colours that it’s possible to get a pen with a similar, if not exact, reproduction of your corporate colours. New finishes are being created all the time, so there's always enough variety to ensure you can be different from your competitors.

Not content with merely producing different finishes, pen manufacturers are also reshaping and reinventing how pens look and feel. If you want to really set yourself apart from the crowd, why not send your clients or suppliers a pen that can gradually change its shape so its grip becomes tailored to the user!

If being hi-tech is more in-line with the philosophy of your company, you might opt instead for a 'video message' pen. This distinctive pen enables you to display your promotional message on up to eight lines of text, that is displayed through 'windows' on either side of the barrel. Beware of getting caught up in the moment and opting for something that's overly gimmicky! A pen that plays Bob the Builder 'Can we fix it?' theme tune as it squirts green ink, is not likely to be used in many corporate boardrooms.

Choosing The Style
Selecting the right pen can be pretty tricky business, as there is a large range of different types available. Here are main options to choose from:

Roller balls - an elegant writing tool with a smooth and fluid action Automatic pencil - all the advantages of an everlasting pencil, but with the added style of a pen.
Fountain pen - a traditional writing implement that has connotations of quality, style and individuality.
Ballpoint pen - the ubiquitous ballpoint pen is a modern classic and the perfect instrument for almost any occasion.
Fibre tip - fibre tip pens come in a variety of nib sizes and are practical and a little bit different

Picking Your Perfect Pen
The golden rule of buying promotional supplies is that you get what you pay for. Always get the best from what your budget will allow. A quality supplier like Gift Selection will ensure this is exactly what will happen.

Any piece of promotional merchandise you buy should reflect the values of your company - make sure the merchandise you choose reflects your brand’s identity. As well as conveying the right message about your brand, you should never forget who will be using the pen. Make sure you consider your audience because you will want them to use the pen for as long as possible. The nature of the promotional merchandise industry is that lead times can often be tight. Make sure you give yourself as much time as possible, then you are more likely to get exactly what you are looking for.

Pay attention to design. Recipients are far more likely to hold on to a pen if it looks good and suits their own sense of style. Make sure it works! If it doesn't write smoothly it doesn't matter how good it looks, the pen will end up in the bin. Pens are very functional, but they do provide enough space to identify your brand. Use the space well to reinforce your company's message. Remember be original and avoid gimmicks, the more interesting and attractive the pen is, the more likely your brand will be remembered!

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