New Branded Hand Sanitisers

Posted November 2009 in Health

Spik & Span

The latest branded product from Gift Selection is our new alcohol-free waterless Antibacterial Hand Sanitisers! Not the most glamorous of promotional products I admit, but a very sensible one!


The use of hand sanitisers has always been encouraged in the health care sector as they are better than washing with soap and water. The reasons being is they KILL rather than remove micro-organisms. These new promotional alcohol free ones are kinder to the hands (aww), but are not very kind to nasty germs and bugs. These useful promotional hygiene items are great for large organisations in general, but especially useful for schools and prisons, as well as for people who are unable to use alcohol-based products (I don’t mean alcoholics).


Don’t worry; we don’t just supply any old promotional tat you know. These promotional hand sanitisers have been approved to British Standard EN1500, and kills 99.98% of all known bugs and germs. Branded hand gel is available in standard 50ml, 150ml and 250ml bottles and in a variety of colour ways. These attractive branded bottles look a lot nicer then carrying a bottle of Dettol in your hand bag.


Minimum order quantities apply, but let our friendly team know if you require a sample, quote or visual on our branded hygiene products.

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