Mouse Mats; an enduring form of advertisement

Posted February 2012 in Printed Office Items

Printed Mouse MatFor any business owner who is in search of promotional merchandise with long term advertising potential, mouse mats are the best choice. Mouse mats which are made from high quality materials and have a colourful, sleek aesthetic will look good and function well for years. Mouse mats are not an office item which get replaced very often, and so once a person starts using your promotional mouse mat, it is likely to stay put on their desk for a long time.

The mouse mats available here at Gift Selection come in a huge assortment of colours, textures, materials and shapes. They can be customised both in terms of the image imprinted on the surface and the shape of the mat’s outline, so that business owners can create a truly unique promotional product. The quality of the images printed on our mouse mats is outstanding, with crystal clear graphics which are sure to get your company name noticed. Our mouse mats range from novelty options, such as the Aqua Mat, with coloured liquid encased in the surface, to the durable Tough Mat, made from high quality, robust materials. For eco friendly businesses, we also have a recycled mat made from tyre; this is perfect for advertising campaigns with a ‘green’ twist. All of our mats are of a high quality and are very comfortable to use.

Mouse mats have quickly become one of the most popular promotional products and really, it’s no surprise, considering how important computers have become to our daily lives. Virtually every business, large or small in the Western world uses computers on a daily basis, making mouse mats an absolute essential and the perfect promotional gift.

Mouse mats offer more room for printing your company logo, text or image. Whilst this is certainly a positive thing, it can also leave room for error in terms of design; make sure that the image and text you choose looks attractive, tasteful and modern. If you are unsure about your chosen design, make sure to ask associates or friends their opinion. A mouse mat with a garish design is unlikely to be used and will reflect poorly on the company who puts their name to it, so it’s essential to choose colours, shapes and images wisely.

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