From the Iron age to the composite age

Posted November 2011 in Information, Promotional Umbrellas, Corporate gift advice

That old fashioned rusting Steel and corroding Aluminium are, apparently, no good any more. Two years ago, when announcing plans for the National Composites Centre (NCC), Sir Harry Studholme said, ‘we’ve had the Iron Age and the Industrial Age. We are now entering the age of composites’. And he couldn’t have been more correct.

But what is composite material? Simply put, composites are made up of different layers, from significantly different materials. The most common form being carbon fibre, a lightweight material used to make things go faster. Formula 1 cars are made of the stuff, as are wind-turbine blades.

Boeing’s newest Airplane, the Dreamliner, is almost entirely made of composites and Airbus is set to release one of their new designs in 2014.

Over recent years, the manufacture of composite materials has increased by 8 – 15% in some sectors and companies like Rolls Royce are testing salt and pressure resistant composites in order to drive tidal turbines.

Indeed, the new composite age is a promising and exciting time for manufacturers and engineers the world over. And if anything, the strong growth shown in the industry will be great to help generate those all-important jobs that seem to be corroding away by the day.

But why are we interested in composites? Do we have a slight nerdy affinity towards technological advances? No, we are just excited that we are keeping up with the changing tide and are offering you carbon fibre products such as the Monza Ballpen and Key Ring and the Spectrum Pro Sports Umbrella. They look modern and would make great personalised products for your brand. And you can be confident in the quality because, as proved above, Boeing have made a plane out of the stuff!!! Carbon fibre that is, not Umbrellas…

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