Do promotional products really work?

Posted November 2011 in Information

How often when walking down the local high street are we bombarded with leaflets promoting local businesses? If you are anything like me that leaflet never even gets the once over, but is already destined for the bin as soon as it is handed to me. Indeed in February 2010 an article in the London Evening Standard highlighted the lack of impact paper promotion has on the general public. The article reported that the council sent out 33 000 questionnaires concerning waste disposal and only 3100 were returned. This meant a whopping 29 900 ended up in the bin.

Nowadays society operates on a give and take basis. If a business is willing to supply existing or potential customers with something of practical worth, then the customer in turn is more likely to feel open to entering into business with the supplier of the gift. It is that simple! This is where promotional products have found their niche.

The effectiveness of using promotional products is shown in a survey conducted by the Promotional Product Association International (PPAI), which revealed that 76% of the public who had received a promotional product could remember the business by virtue of association. Furthermore PPAI stated that research proved that those businesses that employed the use of promotional products were twice as likely to be contacted by customers, than those who opted not to.

If you are looking for the perfect promotional product, here at giftselection we have a wide range of items to serve your business needs. Our pens, mugs and mouse mats are all popular means of generating positive association for a business as they appeal to everyone and are regarded as useful. However if you are catering for a particular clientele, and wish to communicate a specific message, it is essential you select the right promotional product. A child would enjoy a bag of our sweets, whilst business professionals would appreciate the usefulness a good quality conference folder will have in their everyday lives.

It seems that in a rapidly changing society, promotional gifts are superseding paper promotion when it comes to effectively drawing in the consumer. Think about it. If you were handed a piece of paper with a business logo on it, and a pen sporting the same logo, which are you more likely to keep and which are you more likely to throw away?

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