Colourful mugs make an affordable marketing tool

Posted January 2012 in Printed Mugs, Ceramic Mugs

Colourful Promotional MugsWhen it comes to promoting a business with gifts, most people want high quality, yet affordable items which will help them to market their company effectively. Printed mugs are an everyday, practical item which are cost effective and will most certainly be used by those who receive them as a gift. Here in the UK, we are a nation of tea and coffee drinkers and so in almost every office, people like to keep a mug of their favourite hot drink on their desk. The work canteen is another spot where mugs will be kept visible throughout the day. Whilst a great marketing campaign will almost always focus on a number of methods of advertising, promotional mugs are an excellent place to begin marketing your company.

A mug offers plenty of space for printing both images and text, so for instance a business owner can order mugs with both the company logo and name on each piece. Used as gifts to both present and potential clients, these mugs would then ensure that the business name and image is highly visible on a daily basis, without the owner of said business having to spend a small fortune on advertising. Mugs are a far more subtle and some might say more effective, form of promotion than a large billboard advertisement. The text and images on an item which is used every single day is a lot more likely to stick in their mind and draw them towards that company.

For those who want a basic option, there are lots of great standard mugs available here at Gift Selection. However, for companies who are branding themselves as unique, artistic or very contemporary, then we also have a wide selection of unusually shaped and brightly coloured mugs. These eye catching designs are very effective in catching people’s eye and will paint your company in a new light.

The promotional mugs we have in stock come in a great variety of materials, so try not to limit yourself to just the standard choices. We have frosted glass and plastic, which are great for those who want a novelty look to their promotional gifts, as well as earthenware and ceramic mugs which have a rustic cosy appearance, ideal for more traditional companies.

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