Promotional power banks - a wise investment

Posted October 2015 in Bespoke, Gadgets, Luxury, Printed Office Items, Promotional USB Gadgets

The App Garden recently published an article about Ofcom's report on the Communications Market. The contents of this report will come as no surprise to most, as the majority of us nowadays are rarely found without our smartphones and tablets. Not too long ago, we might have scoffed at the idea of being so attached to mobile devices. However, for most of us, these gadgets have become an essential part of our daily lives, so much so that we feel worried if we leave them at home, even for just a few hours. Ofcom revealed that 61% of UK households own smartphones, and that those aged between 16 and 24 spend, on average, about 3.5 hours a day on these devices. Of those surveyed, one third said that their smartphone was their preferred gadget for browsing the net. Additionally, the number of households that own tablets now stands at 44% - a percentage which is 20% higher than last year. Whilst tablets and smartphones enable us to do an incredible number of things whilst we're on the move - from using social media and catching up on the latest news headlines, to checking our bank account and doing a bit of online shopping - there's no denying these gadgets often have a less-than-impressive battery life. The solution to this issue comes in the form of a small device called a power bank, which can recharge mobile devices anytime, anywhere, without the user needing to find an electrical outlet. So whether you're at the airport, driving in your car, or your home is experiencing an electrical outage, you can continue to power and use your smartphones and tablets. Given how important mobile devices have become to so many people, it's safe to say that the vast majority would be thrilled to receive one of these gadgets. This is why printed power banks such as the Silly Source are such a fantastic item with which to market one's business. The portability and practicality of power banks means that they are likely to be carried around and used by their recipients on a daily basis. This means that that any text or logos printed on these gadgets could potentially be seen by dozens upon dozens of people throughout the day, thus giving the businesses named on them an enormous amount of exposure over the course of few months or years. Last but not least, although they are in fact exceptionally affordable, power banks have a high perceived value, and as such, will do wonders for the reputation of any brand that decides to use them as part of their advertising strategy.