Printed selfie sticks - the ideal promotional gift

Posted October 2015 in Corporate gift advice, Current affairs, Information

Whilst many apps have risen and fallen from fame over the past few years, Facebook's photo app, Instagram, has remained unwaveringly popular with the masses, and now has in excess of 300 million users. A survey conducted by Pew Research revealed that 53% of all its participants who were aged between 18 and 29 had Instagram accounts, whilst 49% said that they used it on a daily basis. The growth of this app has led to a dramatic increase in the number of 'selfies' taken, with statistics from Ad-Week showing that at least one million self-portraits are posted on social media platforms like Instagram every single day.

This in turn has resulted in the development of the selfie stick, a simple device which enables its user to attach their smartphone to the end of a stick, in order to take a wide-angle shot, without needing a second person to hold the phone. Although when it was first released, some scoffed at the idea, this device has become a must-have for many people. In addition to saving users the bother of asking someone to take their photo, it also allows them to include more of their companions in a single photograph, meaning that no-one in their group need be excluded from the image. Moreover, selfie sticks serve as an excellent replacement for tripods, as they're significantly lighter and more compact.

Given that millions of selfies are taken each week, it's safe to assume that this item's popularity will continue to grow as time goes on. As such, it's the ideal device within which to promote one's brand. Printed selfie sticks not only have novelty value, but are also highly practical products, which are likely to be used by the recipient regularly (perhaps even every day, if they're especially snap-happy!). Moreover, when in use, they'll provide your business name and logo with a huge amount of visibility, as selfies are frequently taken in public places.

Branded selfie sticks are particularly suitable for those who wish to aim their services or products at a younger demographic, as this is precisely the type of item which would appeal to teenagers and young adults. As mentioned earlier, selfies are taken most often by those under thirty, and as such, anyone under this age would be delighted with this type of promotional gift, and would be likely to use it on a regular basis.